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Everyone has a different lifestyle

Select the persona that best describes you and discover our recommendations based on your style and your needs.

First-time buyer

Coupe? Sedan? Crossover? I really don’t know! I do want something less than $25,000, with great fuel economy and good features for my first new vehicle

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Value conscious driver

Sedans or hatchbacks, less than $25,000, with simple features and good fuel economy. Low running costs are also important

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The long-hauler

I need to drive long distances—only a wagon, SUV or minivan will do. Comfort, features, and good efficiency is important to keep driving costs down. Towing is also a consideration

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Anti-minivan mom

Safety is important, as are features to keep us happy and comfortable. Features like a rear camera are a must. Great community ratings make me comfortable I’ve chosen the right vehicle

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Empty nester

It’s time to treat myself to something nice—but not too nice! At most $80,000, with great features and nice looks… Whatever I drive should be good for the occasional long trip out of town, too

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Luxury lover

The badge is important—I want a car that performs well and looks stunning. Cutting edge features and a sport package are nice to have. I’ve worked hard and would love to drive a premium vehicle

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Outdoor-loving dad

I need to do things with my vehicle! Trucks and SUVs are perfect for my needs, and four-wheel-drive is essential. I’d like strong specs and a strong machine that goes with me anywhere

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I’m in my vehicle for a long time every day, so comfort is important. Fuel economy and interior features will keep me happy. I need a vehicle that works well in traffic as well as on country drives

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Fun-loving single

Does it look good? Does it perform well? I don’t need the space, so I’d like to enjoy a sweet-looking vehicle while I can! I’d love my vehicle to put a smile on my face no matter where I drive

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The eco-lover

I want a hybrid vehicle that uses very little fuel and has features that save me money. I’m not afraid of the future! Hybrids, electric cars, and very efficient gasoline cars are on my list

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