In recent years, we’ve had little indication of how reliable Tesla’s automobiles really are. Oh, there have been incidental reports of electric motor failure and, for a while Consumer Reports listed the Model X as one of the least reliable luxury car in it segment.

But, since Tesla doesn’t cooperate with JD Power’s quality surveys, there’s been little indication of their initial “fit and finish.”

That all changed recently when Munro and Associates — a Detroit-area consultancy that “reverse engineers” automobiles by tearing them apart — concluded that, well, Tesla’s new Model 3 is built like a circa-‘90s Kia.


According to the company’s CEO, Sandy Munro, the Tesla Model 3 they dissected had doors that were difficult to open, panel gaps were inconsistent and, in one extreme case, there was an extra piece of glued-on sealing material for the driver’s window.

As Munro told Autoline’s John McElroy, “This is an afterthought or something…You’re not supposed to just glue on another piece,” adding that “These are flaws that we would see on a Kia in the ’90s or something.”

“I can’t imagine how they released this,” Munro concluded.