There’s a lot right with the new Alcraft GT, a British-built electric-motor 600-horsepower 840-lb-ft shooting brake, and just about one thing wrong: it doesn’t exist yet.

What you’re looking at is renders and a one-third-scale model, which is all the newly minted U.K. company has for now.

But founder David Alcraft, successful pharmacy CEO, has some grand designs, as well as the company of Charles Morgan and Morgan designer Matthew Humphries; and suppliers like Michelin and Continental safety systems.

The plan is to crowdfund the car’s development so they can bring it to market before the end of 2019, at somewhere around the $185,000 mark. We really hope they do.

I mean, 600 horsepower, 300 miles (480 km) of battery range, and 500 liters of cargo space? Four-wheel-drive and three electric motors? What’s not to love? Never mind the styling of the carbon-fibre bodywork, which makes a rival Tesla look like a 1999 Hyundai.

There’s a chance the Alcraft GT could, against its will, turn into vaporware and just disappear, but all the pieces are in place for something truly remarkable to happen. Fingers crossed.