The owners of a donkey that may have mistook a bright orange McLaren supercar for a carrot and tried to eat it will have to pay to repair the $6,845 US in damage to the car’s paint, a German state court has ruled.

Markus Zahn’s McLaren Spider – it looks like a 650S to us – took a few donkey chomps to the spoiler in mid-September last year after he parked it outside an enclosure belonging to Vitus the donkey in Vogelsberg, Germany, reports the Associated Press.

Police figure Vitus may have thought the $365,000 US supercar was simply an overly large carrot, but Zahn didn’t care much for that excuse, and wanted Vitus’ owners to pay for the $6,845 in damage the bites did to the car’s paint and carbon-fibre bodywork.


The donkey’s owners refused, saying the bite marks could have come from anywhere, and that perhaps Zahn shouldn’t have parked there; that’s when Zahn decided to take them to court.

Having made his case – during the suit it was discovered Vitus had previously also tried to eat a Mercedes-Benz – Zahn is expecting Vitus’ owners to pay up. However, the donkey’s owners can still appeal the ruling.

(Associated Press with images from dpa via AP)