American pickup manufacturer Ram has out-twisted the competition by equipping its new 2018 3500 Heavy Duty pickup with 930 lb-ft of stump-or-pretty-much-anything-pulling torque.

All this eye-popping, drive-shaft-punishing torque comes compliments of Cummins’ 6.7-litre inline-six diesel engine, which offers “the exclusive ability to tow 13,608 kilograms with a fifth-wheel hitch,” according to Ram.

Ram’s long-term partnership with Indiana-based diesel manufacturer Cummins appears to be paying dividends, as the engine maker has consistently kept the pickup brand near the top of the retail truck heap.

Nissan recently struck a deal with Cummins to equip its Titan pickup with the engine brand’s diesels, but the heavy-hitting, big-figure diesels have thus far been reserved for Ram.

The torque-boost was made possible by way of higher turbo boost limits, achieved by tweaking the I-6’s variable-geometry turbocharger and feeding more fuel to the combustion chambers thanks to flow-rate increases in the fuel delivery system, which found Ram an additional 30 lb-ft of torque over last year’s engine.

This means Ram has out-muscled its nearest competitor in terms of torque, the Ford F-350, by a somewhat meaningless five lb-ft, but thanks to a clever in-house fifth-wheel hitch design, the 3500 can now tow 1,134 kilograms (2,500 lbs) more than the Ford; the Ram’s 13,608-kilogram (30,000-lb) tow rating is now best-in-class by a significant margin.

For comparison, the Chevrolet Silverado HD churns out 910–lb-ft, and is rated to pull 10,432 kilograms (23,000 pounds) from its fifth-wheel.

“Ram maintains capability leadership by delivering the highest-ever torque rating for a pickup truck and heaviest fifth-wheel trailer towing capacity,” said Mike Manley, head of Jeep & Ram Brand.

“We understand the attributes most important to our customers within the heavy-duty segment; they demand hard-working, long-lasting capability.”

Ram has entrusted Aisin’s six-speed automatic transmission to send all that record-setting torque to the wheels, and it’s betting the heavy-duty transmission can handle plenty of full-throttle punishment without issue.

Ram is mum thus far on its updated truck’s horsepower figure and pricing, but expect the new rig to arrive in dealerships late August with horsepower output close to the 2017 model-year truck’s 385 ponies, and at similar pricing.