The latest James Bond film may have set a new record for automotive carnage wrought during filming, wrecking some $48 million worth of cars, including seven Aston Martins made just for the film.

More than ten percent of Spectre’s $400 million budget was apparently channeled into the transportation department, the Globe and Mail quotes several sources.

“In Rome, we wrecked millions of pounds’ worth of cars […] We shot one entire night for four seconds of film,” bragged chief stunt co-ordinator Gary Powell.

What really drove up the bill was the destruction of seven brand-new Aston Martin DB10s created just for the film. The iconic British automaker built a total of just 10 of the cars, each of which carried a hefty price tag.

Spectre hits theatres in Canada on November 6.

(via the Globe and Mail)


  • A Manitoba man is facing charges leveled by the RCMP after posting to Facebook a cellphone video of himself racing down a two-lane highway at 185 km/h. Nice of him to also post a picture of a prior speeding ticket and his phone number for them to see, too! (via the Toronto Sun)


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